Monday 27 August 2007

"Owen was found with a nearly empty bottle of pills next to him."

So I recorded some blues stuff tonight, but I am not happy with it. Not at all. Though I never am happy, eh.

I've finally got a recording of 'in other words' up. I tried tempo matching and doing the sheet music, but they slow down after about 25 bars or so. There's also this 2/4 change that messes with me if I actually endeavor to count. Who does that though?

So here it is, pan balanced. I could keep learning more, but I think I'd do better to figure out the bassline rythms and lead licks for the progressions I already know:

Jeez, between watching Australian Idol [ha] and playing this stuff, I am hardly listening to any music. Loving this 'Buddy Rich VS Max Roach' LP.

Wednesday 22 August 2007

Saturday looks good to me!

So I posted a blues here a week or so ago, but it seems to have completely disappeared. Some people had trouble viewing it, so who knows what happened there.

Here it is, anyways.

Not sure what I had to say about it. I was sick at the time. Paul is giving me heaps of techniques to try on bluesy jazzy things.

Ben Kweller's 'In Other Words' is coming along quite well. I can play about half of it in terms of chord progressions now. There's some melody shit that I haven't gotten down yet, but its coming along. I'll post a play along later. Not quite there yet. I should also repost Death Cab's 'Passenger Seat' That was like the first song I learnt. I need to relearn it though, I think.

The main point of all this is to put some songs up so that I can convince a guitarist to come put some structure to my ideas. Its pretty similar stuff to what we were doing in TDN!S, but its not really getting anywhere just by myself. Actually some of those songs are alright, hey.

Anyways, as for these songs: