Sunday 20 January 2008

It hasn't been a hugely productive January. Have a few years banging around. I'd really like to get past the first two bars of 'Karma Police' That power is in my hands.

Went to the National Museum today. Ended up walking past the theatre just as a show was starting...a musical satire of 'the howard years' that went for about an hour. It was good - the best was 'there's never been a leader called kevin'. The guy was really good at piano. Maybe he wasn't even that good, but he was good enough that he could just play songs and impress you. It made me feel bad almost.

I could practice a lot more, I suppose. I really should. I want to just be 'good enough for me' - that has always been my goal, but what does that mean? Like I am really proud of my CD, but half of that was either sequenced, or sped up or retouched. And all the songs I've learnt to play in the past...even my own...I haven;t really committed them to memory...and I haven't become disciplined enough to sight read yet.

Anyways, my goal now I think for a while is to play some old timey stuff - learn the types of chords and progressions to get that vibe.

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