Monday 22 August 2011


Years on I've decided to reinvigorate this blog.

I went through a serious musical lull from 2008. The acquisition of a mortgage...a dog....a growing love of gardening and fell by the wayside. Piano lessons stopped. Composition stalled. I'd bust on the drums every now and then, but it was a far cry from my peak.

Then, last November, Crackers and Cam dragged me to Better Music. I walked up to pro keys, and set my eyes on a Moog Little Phatty. I donned the headphones and suddenly it all came back. That Moog sound!

I walked away on cloud nine.

Three weeks later I had a Minimoog Voyager. (little phatty = doing things by halves in my view).

And so it came back.  Ever since Kieran Roberts lent me Minimoog #1007 back in 2002, it's been a machine I loved. That day I worked into the music store it occured to me that this was no longer a pie in the sky dream - a 'one day' fantasy - this was something I could now make happen.

Six months later, my studio has grown exponentially. SH-101. Taurus. Tenori-In. OP-1. Maschine. X0XB0X. Moogerfoogers. Space Echo. It's all happening. I have gear addiction.

Now to do something with it...

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