Monday 5 September 2011

A return to the late night creativity...

I am partying like it's 2007. It's nearly midnight, I am awfully tired, and after far too many takes, I've managed to prepare a recording that I am ready to share.

It's crazy to think that it was over four years ago that I first started trying to learn and reinterpret The Zombie's She's Not There. Not to say that I've been working on it for four years - in fact after I figured out that small part of the vocal melody I pretty much left it alone until last week.

Reinterpreting the song has been primarily an exercise in getting back into two handed piano playing, and a bit of a challenge to myself in terms of leaving some space - not playing my chords on quarter notes for instance. While I have definitely created some space, I think my current version is too close to the original - I probably need to space the melody out a bit as well.

Of course, this is in no small part inspired by Malcolm McLaren's cover from the Kill Bill soundtrack, and is maybe too close to that version - maybe I need to revisit the whole thing?

So here it is - only the first verse - you'll see I haven't figured out the chords for the final part - still, not bad for a couple short hours from my very rusty piano hands.

She's Not There by KevinPlaysTheBlues
Drums courtesy of NI Maschine.
OhmBoyz delay.

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