Monday 21 May 2007

Fire Tissue

I am quite horrendously sick, but I didn't want a Monday to go by without some substance.

For some reason I was singing the Drizzle Song 'Fire Tissue' today. Fire Tissue was written on the day of a bands night back in year 11, inspired by the peppermint oil tissue I had in my pocket to deal with a sickness similar to the one that ails me now. Essential Oils were not really enough of a topic for a song, so Liam and I threw something in about a sick relationship in there.

It was poorly rehearsed and my insistence on employing many non hihat breakdowns left timing to the wind. Fire Tissue was never performed again. We've got it on a mini DV tape somewhere, but the travesty that was fire tissue has really only lived on in my head. Today I decided to do something with this lyrical gold:

Fire Tissue!
Makes me feel so warm inside!
Fire Tissue!
Makes me wonder why-y-y.

She calls me up, late at night.
She says I make her feel alright.

But we all know [but we all know]
There is no way [there is no way]
It just won't go, I won't play your game. No way!
It doesn't work that way.

I was sitting on the toilet today singing the words and I made them a bit less cheesy, while still keeping them cheesy. Kinda like when Syd changed the one off 'free games for may to see emily play. Maybe. I forgot what I changed it to today, so its either lost or perhaps already integrated into what I wrote above.

Regardless, I decided to revive this old gem. Now clearly it can't be taken seriously, so I've gone for a sorta muppets jazz feel on this one.

Vocal melody,something like this.

Timing, Kevin!

And a fairly basic chord progression underneath, though perhaps with a bit more hand shuffling than this

Yep, itsa
coming along safe in the knowledge that it would still be dropped from any Drizzle set...

Now to write the next verse...

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