Saturday 5 May 2007

Hunting Ginger Extremes

My theory about the piano at work was right. While I am not 100% happy about the recording, it is closer to the sound I want than what I was nutting out at home. I think it has a lot to do with the softness of the sustain pedal. I suppose I should upload what I did at home too, what with my 'real illustration of progress' rule, but I don't want to remember it if its total crap.

Still thinking of a title. I suppose I'd be in a better position to give it a cliched piano wank title if I knew what key it was in. I think its a C Harmonic Minor, but there are a few notes in that scale that don't sit right with this, so I am not sure. As usual, my theory follows slightly behind my playing. For now, lets go with Hunting Ginger Extremes in some form of Cm.

Actually, wait. The notes match the key of F Dorian. I don't think this song is in F Dorian, but I can't remember how to extrapolate Dorian's into other scales. I know D Dorian = A Minor = C Major with different dominant notes, but I don't grasp this enough to make a decision. Lets go with Hunting Ginger Extremes that work in a Dorian's F.'

As I said above, this is far from perfect. At nearly fifteen minutes long, its a bit of a hike. There are a few bung notes here and there, and there are at least a couple spots where I lose all semblance of rhythm and direction. Persevere past the pieces of pain, though, and there's actually some stuff in there that I am really proud of. Some of the better stuff is at the post ten minute mark. I probably should have ended on that first downwards arpeggio, but you know me, can't stop playing.

I was thinking about doing a running commentary, but I think I'll pass. 15 minutes is enough to listen to, let alone write about.

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