Thursday 3 May 2007

Kevin Plays the Blues

So, is born.

This site is still not looking quite how I want, but it will do for now. In an ideal world I’d have a nice looking theme that automatically scales these images. No such luck. I was contemplating creating my own theme, but I didn’t start this whole shootenany to learn CSS and PHP, I did it to document my rise to piano god status.

Perhaps not. I came to the conclusion some time ago that I will never make it ‘anywhere’ with my music. That said, I love it. I am determined to become as good as I can be. My goal here is to document the progression my playing and of the songs I write.

One thing I regret is not doing something like this ages ago. Since I began playing piano seriously about a year ago I’ve learnt a fair bit and formalised things in my playing. [though I can’t help but feel this has stifled some of my creativity on the synth] Not counting the songs I’ve learnt, I’ve written a fair bit of stuff, ranging from little ditties to almost songs. While I still have copies/recordings of them now, I don’t have a record of the progress that went into these songs. A lot of what I write changes dramatically before I get bored and start playing something else.

Initially I am going to throw up a bit of stuff I am working on at the moment…hopefully streaming. Then I’ll probably use this as a vehicle to go back through what I’ve created, maybe find some stuff I need to work on.

I suppose I should stop writing and start playing…after neighbours.

…the real question that arises out of this though, is how can I play piano with all this crap on it?

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